Source: Leisa Audette

Joe Biden stopped in Atrim County, Michigan, and toured a cherry orchard on a visit to push his infrastructure plan. Nothing says infrastructure like touring a cherry orchard, right?

Biden was greeting a crowd when he suddenly asked, “What am I doing?”

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Confused? How could he not know what he’s doing when he’s just walking along the rope line shaking hands?

The feeble and confused Biden would also appear confused when asked about Russia (video below).

The local news clip shows much more about the appearance. At the 1:46 point in the video below Biden does something very odd. He repeats a move he made when he met the LA Dodgers at the White House. He kneels in front of the crowd while holding onto the rope.

What is he doing???

During a visit to a store, Biden was asked a question about Russia. He was befuddled and couldn’t answer a question so he pulled out notes and fumbled through trying to answer the question.

It’s frightening that America has such a weak leader in Biden.

When will this charade end? SOON!