Defends Schumer for saying Kavanaugh would “pay the price”

Posted BY: Steve Watson

A Democratic Senator has refused to condemn illegal protests outside the homes of Supreme Court Justices, claiming that it is normal, even after an armed would-be assassin was arrested outside of the home of Justice Brett Kavanaugh last week.

Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Delaware Senator Chris Coons refused to endorse the arrest of pro-abortion protesters gathering unlawfully outside the judges’ houses.

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When asked several times by host Bret Baier, who noted that there is “a federal statute on the books that makes it illegal to protest in front of a judge’s home,” Coons replied “I’m not going to say this protester or that protester ought to be arrested. I just think that that’s a judgment call to be made by law enforcement, not by a senator on a Sunday show.”

Coons added, “I didn’t say don’t arrest protesters. I’m simply saying that all appropriate action should be taken to ensure the safety of the Supreme Court justices. And I’m not going to say this protester or that protester ought to be arrested.”

Coons also stated that “As an elected official, I’ve certainly had protests out front of my house. Many of us have who serve in Congress and other elected offices.”

Coons also defended the fact that Joe Biden hasn’t said a word about the arrest of an armed assailant outside Kavanaugh’s home vowing to kill the Justice, noting that ” as you well know, presidents often speak more through their press secretaries to events of the day.”

While repeatedly attempting to pivot the topic to the Democrats’ January 6th show trial and gun control, Coons also defended Chuck Schumer for saying prior to the arrest incident, “I want to tell you, Kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price.”

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Coons said “So here’s a key distinction. What Senator Schumer was saying was that he was upset. He was alarmed, he was concerned at the prospect that justices would reverse decades of a well-established fundamental constitutional right in our country. What he did not say was let’s go attack them.”

The full interview with Coons is below: