“Our adversaries are taking advantage of us”

Source: Steve Watson

Texas Congressman and former White House doctor Ronny Jackson warned this week that the U.S. is going to “pay a price” for having a president that is clearly not able to execute his duties because of cognitive decline.

Appearing on Hannity, Jackson noted that “Our adversaries are taking advantage of us,” and Biden should be made to take a cognitive test, just as President Trump was.

“On a world stage, we’re failing miserably. He’s not inspiring confidence in the American people. He’s not inspiring confidence in our allies, and he’s sending the absolute wrong message to our adversaries,” Jackson said of Biden.

“We draw a line in the sand. They crossed the line. He draws another line. They crossed the line. That did not happen in the Trump administration,” Jackson continued, adding “When President Trump drew a line in the sand, our enemies, our adversaries knew — they knew — they knew exactly what would happen if they crossed that line, and we don’t have that anymore. And we’re going to — we’re going to pay a price for it.”


Jackson’s comments come on the heels of a survey conducted by the Convention of States Action in partnership with The Trafalgar Group found that an overall majority of Americans do not believe Biden is executing the duties of his office or running policy, and that “others” are doing it in his place.

The poll found that 56.5% of American voters do not believe Biden is fully executing the duties of his office, with only 36.4% saying they believe he is directing all policy and agenda.

Meanwhile, Biden was seen creeping on another little girl during a stop in Illinois, asking the four year old “How old are you? 14?”