Source: Leisa Audette

Fox News anchor Pete Hegseth went at it with one of the Texas Democrats involved in the voting bill stunt to fly to DC instead of voting on Texas Governor Abbott’s bill on voting rights. Democrat James Talarico was no match for Hegseth!

One of the Texas Democrats who fled the state opposes both voter ID AND allowing people without ID’s to use the last 4 digits of their socials.

This knocks down their entire argument against voter ID. They simply don’t want people to prove they are who they claim to be.

Over 50 Texas House Democrats decided to pull a stunt by flying to DC to oppose the voting rights bill they were to vote on in the Texas House. They overplayed their hand in a big way.

They flew on two private jets and plan on staying in a $200 a night hotel for up to 30 days. This is not playing well with the voters.

Governor Abbott and the Texas State House have both said they plan on arresting the Democrats.

Texas House voted 76-4 to arrest the 58 Democrats for flying to DC to block Governor Abbott’s voting rights bill.

The Democrats in the Texas State House want to break the quorum and block the passage of the voting rights bill so they jumped on private planes to DC. The optics of this got worse when a photo of a case of Miller Lite was included in a photo of the group (see below).

Governor Abbott spoke up on Monday night (see video below) to say he will arrest the group upon their return home. The Texas State House just doubled down on arresting the Democrats:

Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan announced from the State House floor: “A sergeant-at-arms and any officer appointed by Governor Abbott are directed to send for all absentees whose attendance is not excused for the purpose of securing and maintaining their attendance under warrant of arrest if necessary.”

The Texas Democrats are saying they aren’t afraid of being arrested and plan on staying for up to 30 days in DC:

Texas Democrats decided to take a little vacation to DC boarding private jets and staying at a $200 a night DC hotel. Not so fast! Texas Governor Greg Abbott just threatened (video below) to arrest the 58 Democrats when they get home to Texas. The problem is they are willing to stay in DC for 30 days:

During an interview with CNN, Texas State Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer said the group of 58 are willing to stay in D.C. for the full 30-day legislative session and risk arrest to break the quorum: “This is the risk that we take to stand up for democracy.”

A photo of the group exiting the $200 a night hotel:

The group hopped on private planes to DC, taking the photo below, complete with a case of Miller Lite beer:

Governor Abbott announced his intentions on Fox News: