Trespassing vandal gets sprayed down with pellets, runs screaming into the night

VIDEO: Homeowner Catches Leftist Urinating on Trump Sign, Blasts Miscreant With Paintball Gun

Source: National File

Video footage shows a Trump supporter using a paintball gun to dispel a leftist who was trying to urinate on the homeowner’s Trump-Pence lawn sign.

After catching the vandal leering over the lawn sign and fiddling with his pants on a night-vision CCTV camera, the Trump-supporting homeowner retrieves a semi-auto paintball gun and heads to the front door, with a pistol holstered on his hip for good measure.

“What the f**k?” he calls out to the trespasser. “F**k you!” comes the reply, as well as a derisive flash of the middle finger from the miscreant.

You think things are bad now? Wait until election day. The Democrats are slowly informing the American public about their plans to take the reigns of power by any means necessary. Whether that is the plunging of the stock market, secession, economic terrorism, or a new wave of the Corona virus. The Democrats are war gaming all of the possible outcomes and strategies right now. Ultimately, their plans will become a recipe for their own failure.

Vandalism of pro-Trump signage has become increasingly commonplace in recent months. In Boulder, Colorado an adult woman attacked a 12-year-old boy after spotting a Trump campaign sign on his family’s front lawn:

The suspect made a U-turn and approached the victim and began assaulting him because of his political banner. The suspect then “attempted to take the banner but was unsuccessful,” police said as a woman rode her moped through a Boulder neighborhood.

Boulder police spokeswoman Shannon Aulabaugh affirmed that the woman pulled a U-turn before approaching the preteen and told him “you want something to look at,” or something to that effect before launching her assault, per Denver Post.

Aulabaugh then said that the woman, with a closed fist, struck the boy four or five times on the back of the head and arm before scratching her victim.

The woman reportedly tried to take the pro- Trump lawn sign before leaving the scene. Investigators believe the woman to be either in her 20s or 30s wearing a tan jacket, blue shirt, and blue jeans, and the woman rode a blue or gray moped, according to CBS Denver.