Mini-doc meticulously covers the case for Rittenhouse exoneration scene by scene

VIDEO: Kyle Rittenhouse Defense Team Releases 11 Minute Documentary They Claim Exonerates Teen

Source: National File

Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal defense team released a video Tuesday laying out the defense for the 17-year-old volunteer lifeguard who prosecutors say shot three men after they attacked him with thrown objects, a Glock handgun, and a skateboard.

In a video posted to the Fight Back website, the case for Rittenhouse’s exoneration is meticulously laid out scene by scene.

The footage shows an interview with Rittenhouse before the shooting in which he explains he was there to protect businesses, and provide first aid to the injured if need be.

Rittenhouse was seen on video offering aid to passerby as an EMT, and cleaning up vulgar graffiti on public property that was vandalized during the Jacob Blake riots.

Alex Jones breaks down the leftists ramping up calls for violence and threats against those who oppose them politically.

The video then shows when the situation starts to deteriorate as convicted pedophile Joseph Rosenbaum, singles out a guard dressed similarly to Rittenhouse, but not actually Rittenhouse, outside a gas station and screams, “Shoot me, n**ga!”

Rosenbaum is later seen starting more fires, while Rittenhouse is seen running past the camera with a fire extinguisher. Moments later, a shot rings out, fired by rioter Alexander Blaine, 44, as Rosenbaum chases Rittenhouse.

The footage of the gas station shooting that was later confirmed to exonerate Rittenhouse, including reporting from the New York Times that proved he did not fire the first shot, is then examined in detail in the video.

The second shooting is then explored in detail, as rioters chase Rittenhouse down the street and scream “Cranium that boy!”

Rittenhouse is struck in the head from behind, trips, and falls to the ground. One protester jumps on Rittenhouse, and another strikes him in the head with a large skateboard and tries to grab his rifle. Rittenhouse shoots the skateboard attacker, 26-year-old convicted domestic abuser Anthony Huber, once in the chest, killing him.

Protester Gaige Grosskreutz then approaches Rittenhouse, faking surrender before producing a Glock handgun and pointing it at the teen. Grosskreutz is shot once in the arm and walks away screaming. Grosskreutz later reportedly told a friend in the hospital that his only regret was “not killing the kid.”

The video also showcases Rittenhouse’s remarkable judgement as he holds fire, even as more shots ring out around him.

“A 17-year-old American citizen is being sacrificed by politicians,” the narrator concludes, “but it’s not Kyle Rittenhouse they’re after. Their endgame is to strip away the constitutional rights of all citizens to defend our communities, our personal property, our lives, and the lives of our loved ones.”

The full video can be seen below.