BLM supporters bothered by citizen activists’ daring demonstration

VIDEO: ‘Lady Liberty’ Covers BLM Street Art In Front Of Trump Tower With Red Paint

Source: National File

Video footage shows garish yellow “Black Lives Matter” street art in front of Trump Tower in New York City being covered in red paint by a pro-Trump activist dressed as Lady Liberty.

The citizen activist charged the graffiti with a bucket of red paint and hurled its contents across the pavement marred by Black Lives Matter messaging.

Lady Liberty then dropped to all fours and smeared the contents across the pavement. Though a paint roller may have proved more effective in covering the giant scrawled letters, the activist was able to cover a sizable portion of the first part of the graffiti.

Onlookers stood by on the New York sidewalk and cheered, seemingly relieved that that someone had taken a stance against the left-wing street art.

“Freedom!” Lady Liberty said, striking a defiant pose. “Freedom! Freedom! Take off the masks!”

The crowd of onlookers then began to chant “USA! USA! USA!”

“Trump 2020, Trump 2020, save America, save the children,” Lady Liberty shouted. “God bless America, the best country in the world. Wake up.”

A visibly bothered Black Lives Matter supporter drove by the demonstration, and appeared to seethe, “Y’all better move away from my black van.”

Police officers showed up to the scene within minutes to place the activist under arrest. No such police presence materialized to prevent the Black Lives Matter graffiti from being placed in front of Trump Tower earlier this summer.