Half the tree is totally dead while the half further from the device remains normal

Video: Man Claims 5G Transmitter Killing His Tree

A viral internet video claims to show a tree damaged by a 5G transmitter.

“We have a tree here. Not a very good looking tree. All the bark’s falling off on the left-hand side,” the man filming says.

Viewers can see all the tree’s bark on the left side has fallen off while the right side remains intact.

Next, the cameraman shows the right side of the tree full of leaves and compares it to the left side which is totally barren.

“Dead,” the man states. “You know why? Because that’s right next to it,” he adds, pointing the camera to what is said to be a 5G transmitter.

“These 5G transmitters are lethal,” he claims. “If that’s what it’s doing to a tree, think about what these are doing to our health.”

Infowars has been on the forefront of covering 5G’s potential disruption of the health and privacy of citizens around the world.