Shocking footage captures hypocrisy in action.

Source: NwoReport

A shocking video from a Delta flight shows a furious woman chastising a fellow passenger for not wearing a mask.

Except, the woman wasn’t wearing her mask either.

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The footage shows Karen shouting at a man behind her for not wearing a mask, then hitting him when he responded: “You put your mask on, bitch!”

After the man was struck, he told the Karen, “Now you’re going to jail. That’s assault. As soon as we get to Atlanta, you’re going to jail!”

A flight attendant tried separating the angry woman and the seated passenger as the maskless woman again shouted, “Put your mask on!”

The man replied: “Put yours on, bitch!”

“I won’t put my mask on!” the angry pro-mask woman said.

The incident took place on a stint from Tampa, Florida, to Atlanta, Georgia.