Source: Leisa Audette

The state of North Dakota just sued the Biden administration over blocking oil and gas leases. The state has lost over $100 million since the Biden administration’s move to block the leases. The state’s lawsuit describes the job loss and the loss to the economy under Biden:

Oil and gas production are central to North Dakota’s economy and the welfare of citizens, responsible for 54% of the value of the State’s economy, generating approximately 76% of the State’s tax revenue and creating approximately 66,000 good-paying jobs in the State. Oil and gas produced from leases on Federal and Indian lands in North Dakota are an important part of this sector, generating approximately $93.65 million in royalties to the State every year.

North Dakota is America’s second-largest oil producer behind Texas.

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum detailed on Fox Business the state’s lawsuit against the Biden administration’s halt on oil and gas leases on public land:

North DakotaVIDEO Senator Kevin Cramer released a statement in support of the lawsuit calling Biden’s policy a “foolish idea”:

In addition to being a foolish idea, President Biden’s moratorium on oil and gas leasing on public lands is illegal. It increases federal and state budget shortfalls, hampers state and private mineral owners’ rights, and makes the United States less energy independent and more reliant on foreign producers who are not all good actors like Russia, Saudi Arabia, or Venezuela. I support Attorney General Stenehjem’s effort in court, applaud him for standing up for North Dakota, and stand ready to help in any way I can. 

Larry Kudlow points out the hypocrisy in shutting down America’s fossil fuel sources: