House Speaker humiliated over the deplorable living conditions of her district

Video: Pelosi Confronted Over California's Collapse During Football Game

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was trolled by a voter over California’s deteriorating living conditions during a San Fransisco 49ers football game earlier this month.

The man, identified as @imjakeroman, who uploaded his trolling encounter to Tik Tok, initially asked Pelosi for a photo but then scolded her over her failure to address the unsanitary and deplorable living conditions of her district.

“Can I get a photo with you?” the man asked, adding “We’re both Niners fans, right?”

Pelosi nervously giggled as she rose to take the photo.

“I just wanted to tell you I don’t like what you’re doing to California,” the man said to the stunned House Speaker.

Pelosi shrank away, saying “Thank you” before sitting back down.

Over the last couple of months, voters have been increasingly confronting Democrat officials over corruption.

For example, Democrat presidential frontrunner Joe Biden was recently confronted by a patriot during a San Antonio rally over his son’s business dealings in Ukraine.

Additionally, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) has been confronted numerous times over his sham impeachment campaign against President Trump.

One Infowarrior even made a “citizen’s arrest” on Schiff at an airport earlier this month.

Voters have had it with the Democrats’ games and are now calling them out — the truth is rising!