Protesters are taking to the streets to protest face mask mandates and lockdowns.

Source: National File

Police in Quebec City, Québec, Canada are arresting protesters as thousands take to the street to oppose unscientific lockdowns and fines against those who violate the government’s mandates.

Mocha Bezirgan, a video reporter for Rebel News, attended the protest and captured video of the large crowd of peaceful protesters marching and dancing through the streets.

Bezirgan uploaded another video showing several police officers leaving a building and promptly grabbing several protesters to fine them with $1,550 tickets for publicly protesting the lockdowns without face masks.

“Police in Quebec City grabs protesters who are not wearing a mask to issue them $1550 tickets,” wrote Bezirgan. “I have witnessed at least 7 people being taken away by the police.”

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Bezirgan notes that the arrests and fines did not stop the protesters. “Despite arrests and fines, lockdown protesters keep spreading joy through the streets of Quebec City,” wrote Bezirgan.

Rebel News’ founder, Ezra Levant, launched a campaign to legally challenge the fines and arrests of those who refuse to comply with lockdowns and face mask mandates. Recently, Rebel News and Levant – who is Jewish – were singled out by Canadian police as “Jews” and “Jew media” in Montreal. 

“Something’s deeply wrong with Montreal’s @SPVM police,” wrote Levant. “They arrest, handcuff & ticket our reporters, asking if we’re ‘Jews’ or ‘Jew media’. They gave us $10,000+ in fines even though reporters are legally exempt from lockdowns.”

Canada has routinely had some of the most extreme lockdown measures in the West. Recently, National File exposed “potentially toxic face masks” sent to day cares and schools in Canada came from a Chinese factory based in Wuhan, China:

The CBC reports that “Radio-Canada has obtained documents showing Health Canada warned of the potential for ‘early pulmonary toxicity’ from the SNN200642 masks made by Métallifer, a Quebec-based manufacturer.” The face masks are described by the CBC as “potentially toxic”.

However, a quick review of Métallifer’s website reveals that the company brands itself as “Votre partenaire industriel entre le Canada et la Chine”, or “Your industrial partner between Canada and China” in English.

National File conducted additional research and learned that Métallifer appears to have partnered with a Chinese company called SQ Group, or Sheng Quan Group, to import the face masks into Canada using the website

Even more research reveals a Wuhan, China based company called V&Q Manufacturing Corporation actually manufactures the masks, which were apparently then sold to Sheng Quan Group. V&Q Manufacturing Corporation’s address is listed as “#B1614 optical valley time square, Wuhan, Hubei, CHINA” in official documentation for the masks.

There is no scientific proof that lockdowns or mask mandates do anything to slow the spread of any virus.