Source: Steve Watson

Describes Rittenhouse’s emotional break down as “the greatest performance of [his] life.”

Perpetual race baiter and segregationist MSNBC host Joy Reid and her guest spent their entire show crying ‘white supremacy’ again Wednesday describing Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial in Kenosha, Wisconsin as “white privilege on steroids.”

Referring to Rittenhouse’s emotional break down as “the greatest performance of [his] life,” Reid and legal analyst Paul Butler implied that the jury and the judge are biased in Rittenhouse’s favor and “steering the jury towards an acquittal” because they are white.

Reid added that the trial is proof of “why critical race theory exists” and is necessary in America.

“If you want to know why critical race theory exists — the actual law school theory that emphasizes that supposedly colorblind laws in America often still have racially discriminatory outcomes, then look no further than the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse,” Reid declared.

That is somewhat strange because she and others at MSNBC have repeatedly suggested that CRT doesn’t exist and is being used as a ‘boogeyman’ by white supremacists (Republicans) to win votes.

Reid also falsely claimed that judge Bruce Schroeder has barred evidence and has been “flashing white supremacists signs” in the trial (by which she means the ‘OK’ sign).

The pair compared the trial to that of George Zimmerman, who was acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin in 2013, and expressed sympathy for those Rittenhouse says he shot in self defense.

Butler also proclaimed that Rittenhouse “was well prepared by his defense attorneys to disrupt his image as a trigger happy vigilante who went on a shooting rampage at a Black Lives Matter protest.”


Reid, who took a break from calling the first black Lt. Governor of Virgina Winsome Sears a white supremacist, was joined by other figures such as LeBron James in suggesting Rittenhouse’s panic attack was staged: