After he took a victory lap when prices dropped slightly

Posted BY: Steve Watson

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy once again exposed the hypocrisy of the Biden administration Tuesday by asking the White House Press Secretary if Joe Biden is still responsible for changes in gas prices after they spiked again.

When gas prices dropped by cents a few weeks ago, Joe Biden took a massive victory lap, with aides celebrating how the administration was responsible for prices coming down, despite the fact that they were still close to $2/gal HIGHER than when Biden took office.

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Now gas prices have gone back up, so is Biden still responsible?

No, according to Karine Jean-Pierre it’s “a lot more nuanced than that”.

“You’ve said the President was responsible for gas prices coming down. Is [he] responsible for gas prices going up?” Doocy asked Karine Jean-Pierre.

Jean-Pierre responded “There have been global challenges…There’s been pandemic and…Putin’s war,” before she again touted Biden “saving American families, over $1 per gallon.”


When gas prices drop Biden did that. When gas prices go up it’s “more nuanced.”

Of Course.

Oh, and Biden didn’t go to Saudi to ask for more oil.

This never happened…