“One homeowner parked her van on the sidewalk to block the group”

Source: Steve Watson

Parents in Greensboro, North Carolina held a prayer vigil in protest of Satanists attempting to setup an after school SATAN CLUB for children as young as six, but instead of being supported by local residents they were treated as an annoyance, according to a report.

Fox 8 reported that “People living along Normandy Road did not want the rally so close to their homes,” and that “One homeowner parked her van on the sidewalk to block” the protest.

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Tempe Moore, the organizer of the prayer rally told reporters “we here in Greensboro do not want this in our schools.”

“This is not a time for good men to do nothing. It’s a time to let our voices be heard,” she added.

As we have previously reported, this move on kids by Satanists is happening all over the country.

The Satanic Temple is even suing an elementary school in Pennsylvania after officials refused to allow the organisation to run the ‘Satan Club’.

The one eyed greasy head Satanist was back in this latest report to assure everyone that he’s not really into Satan and it’s all just a metaphor. All he wants is to teach kindergarteners about science.

Yeah, ok dude, sure.


What kind of hell is being unleashed when people protesting AGAINST a SATAN CLUB in schools are looked upon as the annoyance?