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The US Air Force has released a video said to show a Russian jet intercepting an American drone and dumping fuel on it over the Black Sea.

It said two Russian Su-27 jets flew close to the MQ-9 Reaper on Tuesday before one hit its propeller, forcing remote operators to crash it in the ocean.

Retired air vice-marshal Sean Bell said the video shows the Su-27 “almost certainly trying to dump fuel over the engine”.

He told Sky News the jet was probably trying to “wash the fuel into the drone’s engine and therefore take it out”.

“The trouble is, as he pulls the aircraft up, he hasn’t got the aerodynamics because he’s isn’t flying very fast… [the plane] gets very close to the body of the drone and almost certainly just clips the propeller,” said Mr. Bell.

However, he said the collision with the propeller was likely unintentional as it has potentially “severe” consequences for the Russian plane.

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American officials accused the Russians of flying in a “reckless, environmentally unsound, and unprofessional manner”.

Moscow has denied the jets behaved dangerously and said they didn’t come into contact with the drone, claiming it crashed due to “sharp maneuvering”.

Pic: U.S. European Command/Reuters
Image: The video was shot from an onboard camera. Pic: U.S. European Command/Reuters

It said the Reaper was flying towards the Russian border with its transponders – wireless communication devices – turned off.

Defense minister Sergei Shoigu accused the US of ignoring flight restrictions imposed by Russia due to the Ukraine war.

America has insisted the drone was in international airspace.

The incident has shown the increased risk of confrontation between the superpowers and prompted the first calls since October between their top commanders and defense secretaries.