Why not have one COVID vaccination status applied to an implantable chip in order to participate in society?

Source: Steve Watson

Footage out of Sweden shows people willingly having COVID vaccine passports placed onto implantable microchips in their hands.

Yes, really.

The chips started out as a convenience fad. Those with an implant can open doors without keys, pay without cash, carry gym memberships and ID without cards and wallets.

And so naturally, why not have their precious COVID vaccination status applied to the implantable chip too, so they can participate in society.

One of Sweden’s most popular daily newspapers, Aftonbladet, reports “Get your Covid certificate in a chip in your hand or elsewhere under the skin. It is increasingly popular to insert a chip into the body with different types of information and now you can also insert your Covid certificate in the chip.”


While Sweden has largely avoided lockdowns and mask mandates, creating some pretty spectacular stats compared to the rest of Europe, the government there announced recently that starting December 1st vaccine passports will be required for events with over 100 people in attendance.

Given the obsequiousness displayed by some billions of people around the world in taking the COVID vaccine, don’t be surprised to see governments push implantable microchips for bio-security next.

Cellphone apps are already used as vaccine passports, which are de facto identity cards, so it’s not a huge leap to suggest that within a decade, a huge public relations campaign will be launched urging everyone to get chipped.

Whether that is predicated on banking and lifestyle restrictions being placed on those who refuse to take the chip or whether it will be introduced off the back of a new pandemic remains to be seen.

Don’t forget that ‘Great Reset’ pioneer himself Klaus Schwab acknowledges in his own book that an implantable microchip is the ultimate aim.

“Some of us already feel that our smartphones have become an extension of ourselves. Today’s external devices—from wearable computers to virtual reality headsets—will almost certainly become implantable in our bodies and brains,” wrote the World Economic Forum founder.

The US military’s scientific arm, DARPA, has also been working on implantable devices to detect COVID and other viruses, and even to administer vaccines and treatments.