Argues that it is ‘too U.S.-centric’

Posted BY: Steve Watson

Stanford University is proposing adding the term “American” to a blacklist with other ‘harmful’ words, reasoning that it is ‘too U.S.-centric’ and not inclusive enough of other countries.

Yes, really.

The University is targeting the label as part of its Orwellian “Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative” that seeks to police language by memory-holing words and phrases it deems to be not woke enough.

Instead of the words ‘American’, the University wants people to use the term “U.S. citizen,” because there are other countries in the continent of America.

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The University has eight categories of language policing. They are “Ableist, Ageism, Culturally Appropriative, Gender-based, Imprecise Language, Institutionalized Racism, Person-First, and Violent.”

They have Newspeak suggestions for every ‘offensive’ word and phrase they can think of in those categories.

It is literally 1984 come to life, with Stanford setting itself up as Thinkpol.

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