But they thought Trump said it

Video: Students Refuse To Vote For Kamala Harris After 'Stupid' Comment

Source: Steve Watson | Infowars.com

A selection of students vowed not to vote for the politician who previously called young Americans ‘stupid’, before finding out that it was actually Kamala Harris who said it, not President Trump as they initially believed.

Campus Reform captured the students’ priceless responses:

Harris previously referred to 18-24-year-olds as “stupid”.

“That’s who you’re representing,” one student said, adding “Those are the types of people that, like, that are going to be voting for you so why would you talk down upon them?”

While some were expecting the quote to have come from Trump, others said they were “not surprised” that Kamala Harris had said it.

“Not surprised at all. She doesn’t have a history of being very Democratic,” one student said, with another adding “I have seen a lot of not so good things about her.”

When asked if the comments would impact the way they vote, many said it would.

“I mean it does,” one student said, adding “But like I said, there’s no way I’m voting for Trump.”