Non-existent nominee is “really scary”

Video: Students Say Trump's SCOTUS Pick Is "Scary", Even Though He Hasn't Named One Yet

Source: Steve Watson |

Students reacted to President Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court with disdain this week, describing them as ‘scary’, ‘unsettling’, and ‘unqualified’. The only problem is that Trump hasn’t even announced a nominee yet.

Campus Reform tested just how bad the orange man is in the minds of young leftists, by playing along and pretending that Trump had announced a SCOTUS pick.


“It’s scary and definitely unsettling as a woman to hear that,” one student bizarrely replied, referring to Trump’s “pick”.

“It’s scary, it’s really scary,” another student added.

“The last thing we need right now is Trump basically ramming through someone who, given his record, is probably going to be an unqualified hack who will just do whatever he says,” another student said about the mystery pick who isn’t real.

Owen reacts to “pronoun man” who is one of many liberals giving their family members ultimatums for supporting President Trump.

Reporter Eduardo Neret then asked students if they thought Trump’s pick was racist.

“I think just as a part of the system, he would probably play some role in that,” one student replied.

“In a sense, like, there are people already on the court that, you know some people would argue are sexist, are racist,” another student claimed, without being able to name anyone on the court who is racist or for what reason they could be considered racist.

“It is very scary for sure cause I’ve been seeing a lot, like on social media, people have been saying, like, ‘ladies, stock up on birth control,’” the same student opined.

The video emphasises how these leftists already have their scripted response written in their heads.

It seems like even if Trump nominated Elmo from Sesame Street, these students would say he was ‘really scary’.