Source: Leisa Audette

Tom Fitton has obtained shocking new emails about Ashli Babbitt’s death:

It’s concerning to Fitton that the medical examiner requested that the body of Ashli Babbitt be cremated just days after her death even though the investigation was ongoing. He is concerned by the timeline involved with Ashli Babbitt and the investigation into her death.

Who killed Ashli Babbitt? Her family is suing DC for $10M:

After months of coverups and smoke screens by establishment media and DC establishment, the only person who was murdered on January 6th at the Capitol building seems to be an unarmed Trump supporter named Ashli Babbit.  Babbit was a 14-year military veteran who was seen on a video in the capitol building climbing unarmed through a broken window in a door.

She was not killed by the almost entirely peaceful pro-Trump demonstrators at the capitol.  Rather, she was killed by Capitol Police in DC.

Yet, the name of her executioner has been withheld, despite all of the press and Capitol police likely knowing his name.  It has been revealed that he is a lieutenant and that the Babbit family attorney knows his name as well.

Now, after the April 14th revelation that no criminal charges would be brought against Babbit’s executioner, the family of the slain military veteran is suing the DC Capitol Police and the officer who executed her for “at least $10 million.”

Breitbart Reports

“A rookie police officer would not have shot this woman,” Roberts said. “If she committed any crime by going through the window and into the Speaker’s Lobby, it would have been trespassing. Some misdemeanor crime. All a rookie cop would have done is arrest her.”

“And he has plenty of other officers there to assist with arrest,” he said of the shooter. “You had officers on Ashli’s side of the door in riot gear and holding submachine guns. And on the other side of the door you have another uniformed officer 6 or 8 feet away. Whose life is he saving by shooting her? … She’s not brandishing a weapon. She’s on the window ledge. And there’s no reason to think she’s armed.”

Roberts said economic losses from the 35-year-old’s death would likely total $2 million. Non-economic claims, such as punitive damages, would push the sum far higher. $10 million is “a good estimate,” he said. Wrongful death lawsuits face no practical monetary limit under District of Columbia law.Roberts asserted “within the next ten days” he planned to serve notice to the U.S. Capitol Police and intended to file the suit in the federal district court of Washington, DC.

“We intend to vindicate Ashli’s constitutional rights, which were egregiously violated,” Roberts noted.

Over the past year, we have been inundated with 24/7 coverage of police officer-involved shootings.  When the media believes it can spin a story to suit a far-left narrative regarding conservatives or cops, they immediately dox the officers.  So, why do you think the media is working so hard to cover up the identity of the officer who executed an unarmed Ashli Babbit whose worst crime may have been the minor crime of trespassing?