“I want to get out, oh, no over there, over there.”

Posted BY: Steve Watson

President Trump drew howls of laughter Thursday night at a New Hampshire rally when he once again imitated Joe Biden getting lost on stage and having to ask for directions from handlers.

“You would think at least one time he’d get up and say, ‘I’m running for president — where, where am I going, where the hell am I going,’” Trump said before doddering around and waving his arms about in confusion like Biden does.

“I want to get out, oh, no over there, over there,” He continued.

Trump then referred to Biden’s low-energy campaign announcement describing it as “a prepackaged video that took supposedly seven takes to get it right, if ‘right’ is what you want to call it. In it, he says he’s running because ‘Trump and MAGA pose a threat to democracy,’ can you believe it?” 

Here’s the video:

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Someone made a side-by-side comparison:

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