“I think saying that our military gave it to them creates a stigma.”

Video: Trump Defends Calling Covid19 "The Chinese Virus"

Source: Steve Watson | Infowars.com


They’re still at it…

As more and more people succumb to the killer coronavirus all over the globe, and as governments begin to lockdown and restrict movement and freedoms of populations, journalists in the US are still complaining that President Trump is using the term “the Chinese virus”.

As we noted yesterday, leftists and the US media are in lockstep with the communist Chinese government, accusing the President of ‘racism’ for using the term, even though the virus provably originated in China.

The mindlessness continued Tuesday during a press briefing, when a reporter told Trump that “critics say that using that phrase creates a stigma.”

The President fired back “No, I don’t think so. I think saying that our military gave it to them creates a stigma.”

Trump was referring to the fact that the Chinese government continues to suggest that the virus did NOT originate in China, and that it was spread by the American military.

“Well China was putting out information which was false, that our military gave this to them, that was false,” Trump said.

Trump later used the phrase again in a tweet:

Today, he continues to use the phrase:

Leftists everywhere are triggering:

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