This time they didn’t even get buckets to sit on

Source: Steve Watson

The Fairfax County Parents Association has posted video taken from this week showing school children being seated on the ground outside in the snow in what school officials have described as a ‘mask and snack break.’

The footage shows a teacher from Waynewood Elementary school close to Alexandria reading to the kids while they sit apart on the concrete.

The group noted that the temperature was ‘well below freezing’:

Fairfax County Public Schools issued a statement in response noting “This morning on Twitter, an anonymous parent group posted a video that was taken outside of Waynewood Elementary School in Alexandria. In the video, a group of third grade students are taking a snack and mask break in front of the school.”

The statement continues, “The weather conditions were monitored, and the students were outside for less than seven minutes. The teacher was reading a story to keep the students entertained. Students do go outside for mask and snack breaks in cold weather, but that time is limited.”

The response did little to offset anger over the incident:

This activity has been ongoing in schools across the country.

Last month, kindergarten students in Portland, Oregon were forced to sit outside eating lunch on buckets in the near-freezing cold while socially distanced from their classmates.

At least those kids got buckets to sit on, so they’re doing better than in Virginia.