More and more evidence emerges showing the clandestine operation by woke activist teachers to indoctrinate your children with racist curriculum.

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Utah administrators and union officials were caught on an undercover video bragging about introducing CRT and BLM material into the teaching curriculum without the knowledge of parents.

The video by Accuracy in Media shows officials from the Jordan and Murray School Districts discussing different tactics they use to ensure students are exposed to CRT and woke ideology without making waves with parents.

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One teacher explained how they hide their agenda to teach “CRT and white privilege” behind obscure language and terminology.

Another official, Jordan’s Director of Culture and Diversity Michelle Love-Day explained that parents are informed their children were taught about CRT only AFTER the lesson or seminar had been given.

“Whenever our team goes out we don’t do an opt-out prior to,” she said. “They just go out, meet the kids, work with them. We operate like a math department. And then we give a letter after they go out saying, ‘We were in your school and this is what we talked about.’”

Teacher Specialist Katrina Kennedy also explained that students are required to take a CRT class disguised as an English class so as not to upset the “MAGA crowd.”

Meanwhile, the left and their corporate media allies continue to demonize anyone who exposes CRT indoctrination in U.S. schools as racist.

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