‘I’ve been through hell and back ever since I took that shot.’

Source: Nworeport

A woman uploaded a live stream on social media to document severe side effects she experienced from the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine.

In a video posted to Facebook Live, the woman described how she’d “been through hell and back ever since I took that f*ckin’ shot.”

“I got the Johnson & Johnson shot, I got that vaccine Shanette,” she tells a viewer.

“It messed me up bad. I broke out in hives all over my body. And then as I broke out in hives, my whole head started swelling up. Look how big my head is,” the woman says.

“And then, I woke up this morning,” she continues, “and my eye was shut closed.”

The woman says an attempt to seek help from an emergency care provider was futile.

“I went to the urgent care yesterday and they told me they couldn’t give me no medicine because it would interact with the Covid vaccine – which was a lie,” she says, claiming she later received medication during a hospital visit.

The video adds to the body of evidence showing severe adverse reactions following the vaccine, which the establishment promotes as “safe and effective.”