“It’s going to bring a billion, a trillion, 750 million dollars, billion dollars, off the sidelines”

Posted BY: InfoWars

In a car crash interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper Tuesday, Biden stammered and stuttered, often speaking absolute gibberish, and dropped the cheat cards his handlers had given him while declaring that there is no recession in the U.S.

It all started to go wrong for Biden after Tapper had asked about Hunter Biden facing criminal prosecution.

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Then this happened:

How can Biden read those cards when he can’t even hold them?

And he keeps calling it ‘the Inflation Act’.

Biden then devolved into complete gibberish:

When asked if Americans are facing a recession, Biden said no, and then said maybe, but only ‘a slight’ recession:

Within the same breath Biden stated “the idea that there’s something — there’s an automaticity to recession is just not there. They keep — they’ve been predicting this on and off for the last –.”

Tapper then cut in to counter, “But you just said that a slight recession is possible.”

Biden responded, “It is possible. Look, it’s possible. I don’t anticipate it.”

Biden also again denied that he begged Saudi Arabia for oil, despite it being widely reported that that is exactly why he visited the country in the Summer.

Biden finally declared that the “vast majority” of Americans support his administration, despite almost two-thirds of Democratic voters wanting a new nominee in 2024, and Biden registering record low approval ratings.

Earlier in the day, Biden gibbered some more:

The White House is set to ignore his 80th birthday so as not to draw attention to his blatant cognitive decline.