Scenes look like a disaster movie

Source: Steve Watson

In videos uploaded Sunday night, terrified people are seen trying to board airplanes to get out of Afghanistan by any means possible, underscoring the horrors they are sure to face if they stay in the country under Taliban rule.

The scenes look like something out of a disaster movie as thousands scramble to escape while gunshots, presumably from the military attempting to keep order, are heard.

Other videos purport to show people falling from planes in the air that had already taken off:

It is not know if the footage relates to other videos of people clinging to the side of planes preparing to take off:

If this footage is accurate it highlights that people are willing to risk practically certain death for the slimmest of chances to escape.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is nowhere to be found and the White House Press Secretary is out of the office.

Thousands of Americans are said to be trapped in the country with confusing alerts appearing to tell them not to come to the airport or the U.S. embassy.