“I may be Irish but I’m not stupid.”

Posted BY: Steve Watson

In between false claims about the economy and the border, Joe Biden fills in many of his appearances with stories about himself that are just completely made up.

He’s been a truck driver, a lumber yard worker, a university professor, a gang-busting lifeguard, a rider of Amtrak trains, a civil rights protester, and he even got arrested trying to bust Nelson Mandela out of prison once.

Of course, none of these things are real.

He did this again at the weekend.

Biden claimed that he’s been to Afghanistan and Iraq up to 40 times, and twice as President.

In reality, he went to those countries half that amount of times, and never as President:

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He then claimed that he had an uncle who he personally awarded with a Purple Heart while he was Vice President.

The problem was the uncle died almost a decade before Biden was elected VP.

He’s also Irish, apparently, but not stupid:

Biden ended the appearance by getting lost again: