Posted BY: Ted Noel

Readers of this page will recall that I firmly promoted the idea (here and here) that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis should be the Republican 2024 Presidential nominee, not Former President Donald Trump. After the Mar-a-Lago raid, I changed my view and said that the raid had made him the essential nominee. If nothing more, his election would be an “in your face” repudiation of the lawless Democrat machine.

I don’t like feeling like a freshly caught fish on deck, flopping this way and then that. I suppose the saving grace in all my posts is that I don’t prognosticate in them. I try to stick to analysis, and in that process, I try to stick to facts. And at this point, new facts (not “our facts”) make it imperative that we carefully reconsider our options. In this process, I’d like to include by reference the discussion in my recent post-mortem of the election.

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There are a handful of observations that must underpin our discussion. First, 2,000 Mules shows incontrovertible forensic proof that Democrat operatives stole the 2020 Presidential election. That multiple courts threw out lawsuits on technical grounds does not change this fact. It further does not change the fact that no court has actually ruled on the merits of the evidence. But none of this is meaningful moving forward unless it is used to prevent such fraud in the future. This is why the NTSB investigates plane crashes. If we understand the cause of a disaster, we may be able to avoid a repeat.

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