‘I believe his life is in great danger…The indictment in New York will not end well, and he returns to election/campaigning. He will be destroyed,’ says ‘Merchant of Death.’Bout went on to ask Trump to move to Russia so he can receive the ‘security and protection’ he requires and so he can continue to lead ‘this uprising against the globalists.’

Posted BY: Adan Salazar

The international arms dealer turned over to Russia by the Biden Administration last year is warning Donald Trump’s legal entanglement could have disastrous consequences for the former president, and is encouraging him to move to Russia.

In a video message to Trump, Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, AKA the “Merchant of Death,” who Biden swapped for WNBA athlete Brittney Griner in Dec. 2022 in a widely-condemned prisoner exchange, warned the trial over alleged hush money paid to a former adult film actress could be used to “eliminate,” or “destroy” Trump.

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