LGBTQ and transgender ideology grooming indoctrination in overdrive for “Pride Month.”

Posted BY: Jasmine S |NwoReport

An activist known for trolling city council meetings was assaulted by unhinged leftists while exposing a drag queen show aimed at children.

Alex Stein was denied entry for the “Drag The Kids To Pride” event in Dallas, Texas on Saturday by a mob of masked leftists after trolling them and recording the interaction on video.


“They’re bigoted! They’re not letting me in here! I can’t believe they’re not letting me in the gay bar! I though you guys were inclusive,” Stein told them as leftists accosted him, with one jabbing at him with a variant of the gay pride flag.

“They got a bunch of children dressing in drag! I’m not allowed in here but they let children in here dance. Ya’ll don’t think that’s weird? Trying to dance with a bunch of children? Isn’t that grooming? This is what child grooming looks like,” he added as leftists tried swatting away his phone.

The “Drag Kids To Pride” event, which took place at a bar called Mr. Misster, featured a drag show specifically geared for young children, even calling on several children to perform in drag “solo” or alongside drag queens.

“Do you want to hit the stage with queens? We have FIVE limited spots for young performers to take the stage solo, or with a Queen of their choosing!” the event poster reads.

Video from inside the bar shows several children getting groomed for drag queen performances, with one child handing out money to a twerking performer.

Other children were invited to perform on stage with the drag queens in front of a neon sign that says, “It’s Not Gonna Lick Itself.”