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The video below already has over 700k views. It’s a great one!

The split-screen in the video shows Hunter Biden smoking a crack pipe and Joe Biden bragging about severe punishment for drug crimes. The hypocrisy is rich on this one because no law enforcement has put Hunter in prison because he is above the law. But his dad put thousands of black men in prison for what his own son does all day.

“This is the most devastating video on the internet.”

The video of Hunter Biden is recently released and shows him arguing with his sister-in-law while smoking a pipe:

It’s hard to believe Hunter Biden could go any lower, but it has happened.

A video has emerged of Hunter Biden arguing with the sister-in-law he was having an affair with while smoking a crack pipe full of ???

Hunter Biden’s sister-in-law,  Hallie, is the wife of his late brother Beau. He was also having an affair with Hallie’s sister (see below).

Tik Tok already has the video below mocking what Hunter Biden said about smoking parmesan cheese:

The responses to the video are priceless:

Exclusive news from the Daily Mail reports that Hunter Biden was having a fling with his sister-in-law’s sister while he was ALSO having a controversial affair with his brother Beau’s widow.

The so-called “lobbyist” who has stirred up controversy because of his questionable contacts and financial “secrets” is on the record for spending $11,400 on a single night of debauchery at a New York strip club and shelled out more than $21,000 to one adult ‘live cam’ adult website, according to Daily Mail.

Daily Mail has acquired emails from the Hunter Biden laptop that reveal a relationship with Beau Biden’s widow’s sister, Elizabeth Secundy.

Last year, it was revealed via Hunter Biden’s laptop that he was leading a drug and sex-fueled life. Photos and emails on his laptop showed drug use, sex videos, and Biden’s lurid photos with numerous women.

The photo below of Hunter Biden from the laptop:

A sex video clearly showing Hunter Biden also went around social media last summer.

Hunter Biden divorced Kathleen Biden, his first wife, in 2017. They have three daughters.

Hunter Biden and wife of 27 years, Kathleen Biden.

The relationship with Hallie Biden began after Beau Biden passed away (pictured below).

Hunter Biden and his brother’s widow, Hallie Biden.

Shortly after, Hunter Biden began his explicit relationship with Hallie Biden’s sister Elizabeth (pictured above)

Raunchy texts have been revealed in Daily Mail, showing the two had a salacious back and forth:

When Hunter was dating Hallie, one conversation with Elizabeth shows he suggested they ‘shower together every morning or night’ via Facetime and offered to ‘teach’ her ‘how to masturbate.’

The relationships continued with the two sisters, but Hunter also had a child with a DC stripper (pictured below).

One month after officially splitting from Hallie Biden, Hunter Biden met and then married another woman. They now have a son together.

Why does this matter to anyone? Wouldn’t the American taxpayers like to know if their hard-earned dollars are going to this low-life? So far, the financial acquisitions of Hunter Biden and the Biden family have yet to be investigated.