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Things aren’t looking good for Buchanan County Supervisor Trey Adkins, a Virginia Democrat who was just indicted a few days ago by a grand jury on dozens of charges ranging from embezzlement to election fraud.

According to WJHL-TV, Adkins and another alleged criminal, his aunt, Sherry Lynn Bailey, were indicted for a total of 94 offenses.

That outlet reports that Adkins faces 82 total charges including “34 counts of False Statement – Election Fraud”, “11 counts of Absentee Voting Procedure Violation”, “8 counts of Public Embezzlement”, “11 counts of Forgery of Public Record”, “15 counts of Uttering Public Record”, and “3 counts of Conspiracy to Make a False Statement – Election Fraud”.

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Meanwhile, Bailey faces a relatively paltry total of just 12 charges. Her alleged offenses include “4 counts of False Statement – Election Fraud”, “4 counts of Conspiracy to Make a False Statement”, and “4 counts of Forgery of Public Record”.

The WJHL-TV report adds that Adkins has been under investigation for about two years now, with the Virginia State Police being largely responsible for investigating the case. It is now being handled by both a special prosecutor and the Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney, Reece Robinson.

That special prosecutor, Zach Stoots, stated that he would be unable to give any more details on the case because of the Rules of Professional Conduct, saying:

The Rules of Professional Conduct prevents any lawyer participating in the prosecution of a criminal matter that may be tried to a jury from making an extrajudicial statement that the lawyer knows or should know will have a likelihood of interfering with the fairness of a trial by jury. Based on the Rules of Professional Conduct, my office will not be making any further statements on the pending matters.”

However, a few details about the charges has come out. One is that Adkins, in his role as supervisor, apparentlyfalsified absentee ballots and forged signatures to win an election for public office.

Another detail is that the embezzlement charges relate to Adkins’ personal construction company. According to the Western Journal, he allegedly provided county-owned gravel both to his own construction company and to other private individuals.

I’ve not been accused of taking money, I’ve been accused of giving people grapple. Simple as that.

“The issue they’re having is how the envelopes were witnessed. So, you know, it’s not that somebody didn’t get to vote the way they wanted to, or there was some kind of big fraud going on. That’s the term they use for the code section that they applied to it, and we’ll address that.

“And let me be clear about something else here. We will most definitely fight this in court. And once we are able to make a statement and explain who’s who and what’s going on, it’s going to shock this county.

We’ll see. Though he claims innocence, he is facing nearly 100 charges stemming from a two-year investigation into his conduct.