Source: Just The News

From local school boards to the marquee Virginia governor’s race, restless American voters on Tuesday used an off-year election to send an unmistakable message that their country has drifted too far left on issues like education, defunding police and the economy and beckoned both parties to take note as the pivotal 2022 elections put control of Congress up for grabs.

Republican Glenn Youngkin’s win in the Virginia governor’s race, Minneapolis’ clear rejection of a plan to disband its police department and the election of law-and-order candidates like former police officer Eric Adams in New York City restored more moderate policies in many communities beset by economic decline and surging violence and seething with parental anger with school bureaucracies they believe have become too ideological.

The 2021 election, exit polling indicated, also realigned the coalitions that lifted Joe Biden and Democrats into power a year ago this week. Black voters and young voters who leaned Democrat last November stayed home in key races, leaving an older, whiter and more conservative electorate…

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