Source: William L. Gensert

The Democrats stalled the $2 trillion stimulus for three days, in an attempt at stuffing the initiative with all the leftist policies they knew they could never foist upon the electorate through legislation or the ballot box.

China infected the world to save its reputation and provide for itself enhanced income-producing opportunities — and is now not only lying about it but also using the death and chaos they caused as a weapon in its quest to rule the world.

The media is backing both plays.  Twisted millenarianism is one thing they all have in common.

Parties, countries, and media have priorities and if you die, you die.

You see, to the iniquitous Chinese, the Democrats, and the media, your life, or anyone’s life… or millions of lives, is a mere quibble when ruling the world is the potential prize.

China, “the true sick man of Asia,” seeks to export their diseased system, their fetid ideology, “Mandate of Heaven” strongman rule, and their home-grown pandemic upon free nations the world over.  They want a world paying tribute to them and eternally grateful for the “Chinese characteristics” our societies will be required to assume.

On January 18, authorities allowed a communal feast in Wuhan attended by 40,000 families celebrating the Lunar New Year.  By the last week of January, seven million people had left Wuhan (population, 11 million) for parts unknown.  Now, we know where they went; Google “pandemic deaths.”  All this before anyone in the West had even an inkling of the Chinese Virus.  The world didn’t know because China withheld the information.

The communist leadership of China, though, knew what they had on their hands.  Armed “volunteers” were welding shut the doors of infected people’s homes to enforce their “day late and a yuan short” quarantine while they told the rest of the world there was still nothing to fear.

Communist leaders, to save themselves and China, washed their hands of it and dumped it on the rest of humanity.  China, the Harry Lime of nations, was willing to sacrifice western lives for money and their plans of global domination.

China fully intends to profit from a worldwide disaster of their making by selling a lie based on their innocence and benevolence — taking over more of the world’s supply chain in the process.  They’ve told us so.

And, most surprising, the Democrats and American media have been complicit with China in their plan to rule the world.  Talk about selling someone the rope for his own hanging.

Having successfully built an economy on technology theft, product dumping, unfair trade practices, currency manipulation, lying, and various other legerdemain, China undoubtedly is feeling its oats (along with eating its pangolins, bats, and monkeys).  Aware of the coming worldwide pandemic, because they caused it, the first order of action was to buy up the globe’s supply of surgical masks and pandemic medical supplies.

They needed to act fast, before anyone else became aware of their perfidy and malintent.  That’s good business if you’re Scrooge, Mr. Potter, Stalin, Hitler, or Mao — he’s the guy whose face was on an ornament hanging from President Obama’s Christmas tree, way back when.  Maybe someday Xi can hang too.

The die cast, they threatened to withhold America’s medications, throwing America “into the mighty sea of the Coronavirus.”  Then they blamed our country for their virus and demanded an apology — while seeding the cloud with false memes of stalwart Chinese bravery and technological superiority coming to the aid of a humanity beleaguered by a plague they accused American GIs of deliberately causing.

It’s easy to sell lies when you have the Democratic Party and the media of the freest nation on earth willing to prostitute themselves for renminbi and power.

Americans are expected to forget China nationalized an American-owned company producing N95 masks as their navy stopped a container ship bound for the free world with the coveted masks, redirecting it back to China where the cargo was immediately seized for resale… when the price was right.  In the future, it shouldn’t surprise anyone were it to become known that China is buying up the world’s supply of chloroquine.

The left controls the media, the academy, and the Democratic Party.  They have always had the power to set the narrative.  That’s why they hate Trump so much; he can seize any discussion and force talkers and listeners to talk and listen to what he wants them to talk about and listen to.

The Chinese Pandemic is the perfect opportunity for them to retake the initiative and make this about Trump’s failures — if only people would just die faster.  Americans, those selfish bastards, it’s always all about them, if they would just die quickly and in mass quantities, all this could be over, and Trump would be out.

Well, at least they were able to destroy the economy and are doing their levelheaded best to create Chinese primacy.

Wake up, America — China is our enemy, and now that the media has dispensed with merely being biased and are actively working to aid and abet Chairman Xi in his battle to make America a vassal state paying tribute to the country the elite believe should be running the world, Americans need to understand the war we are in.

We are told, there are no new cases of “Wu-Flu” in China.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall?  Take 7th Avenue.

How do you get zero new cases of the Chinese Virus?  Stop testing.

Breaking: “Xi, through diligent work and world-class leadership, along with prescient planning & superior Chinese technology, has begun a program to bring back from the dead early Chinese victims of the American pandemic.” CNN 04/01/2020

The Chinese, just like the Democrats, and the media, understand to never let a pandemic go to waste.  And the Democrats and the media are just fine with that.

Imagine what they’ll do when they have all the power.