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With AI all over the news this year, it’s been easy to feel overwhelmed by the ramifications of new technology so powerful that it could eliminate many of our jobs.

While many businesses have been quick to embrace the possibilities of what tools like ChatGPT can offer, other key figures have been vocal about the dangers AI could produce as well, with Tesla ( TSLA ) and Twitter ( TWTR ) CEO Elon Musk being one of them.

A new report from retail giant Walmart ( WMT ) spells out a reality that many may not like to hear.

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“By the end of Fiscal Year 2026, Walmart believes roughly 65% of stores will be serviced by automation, approximately 55% of the fulfillment center volume will move through automated facilities, and unit cost averages could improve by approximately 20%.”

However, there was a silver lining to this rather scary-sounding future.

“As the changes are implemented across the business, one of the outcomes is roles that require less physical labor but have a higher rate of pay,” the report continues. “Over time, the company anticipates increased throughput per person, due to the automation while maintaining or even increasing its number of associates as new roles are created.”

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