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FBI Director Chris Wray has become known for allowing politics to steer law enforcement, leaving public confidence in American institutions at an all-time low. Americans expect the DOJ and the FBI to enforce the law, not target political opposition, by searching for a way to turn a misdemeanor into a felony or an innocent action into a witch hunt. But that is what has happened, which begs the question of why President Trump ever chose Chris Wray as the FBI director.
In a recent Hannity interview, Trump was asked what led to his decision to give the FBI Director role to Chris Wray.

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He responded by saying that Wray was recommended by former Republican NJ Governor Chris Christie. Christie ran against President Trump in the primaries but then became an ardent supporter following Trump’s election win. Trump told Hannity he chose Wray because everybody wanted him,
“I wanted to have somebody in there that everybody, including the other side really wanted; it may not have been the right move, let’s see, time will tell, okay?… I may have made a mistake, but I put somebody in that the other side, and everybody agreed too, Do you know who recommended him to me? Chris Christie. And that’s okay; I don’t mind that I’ve taken Chris Christie’s recommendations before, and other people wanted Christopher Wray. And people from the other side wanted Chris Wray.”

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