‘Doctors have recently found a blood clot in my system,’ he announced Monday.

Source: Kelen McBreen

Longtime ESPN analyst and former Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback Kirk Herbstreit revealed on Monday he’ll be missing out on this year’s NFL Draft due to a blood clot.

The popular sports figure’s video has over 1.5 million views online.

With ESPN‘s mandatory Covid vaccine policy and the experimental shot’s known connections to blood clots, one has to wonder if the jab initiated the medical complication.

“Unfortunately, I will not be able to come out to Vegas and be a part of this year’s coverage,” Herbstreit announced. “Doctors have recently found a blood clot in my system. I’m very fortunate to have very good doctors who I trust and I feel good, but out of an abundance of caution I think I’m just going to take a step back from this year’s coverage.”

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Last year, Herbstreit was dragged on Twitter after announcing he received his second vaccine.

Due to ESPN‘s strict vaccine policies and their mandate for employees who work remotely to get booster shots, it’s likely Herbstreit has also had his booster shot since he tweeted about getting his second jab.

The sports analyst also had a rough time with Covid, posting in June of 2021 that he couldn’t smell or taste for five months after catching the virus.

Meanwhile, NFL analyst Mel Kiper revealed last week he will not be allowed to attend this year’s NFL Draft because he has not received a Covid vaccine.

In October 2021, ESPN reporter Allison Williams announced she was being forced out of the network after the Disney-owned sports outlet implemented a Covid vaccine mandate she refused to comply with.

ESPN analyst Sage Steele took the Covid vaccine under duress from the outlet in 2021 and still caught the virus only to be suspended for speaking out against the company’s policy.

Would Herbstreit admit the truth if his doctors made a connection between his complication and the shots or would he be punished by ESPN for speaking out even if he wanted to?