Posted BY: J.D. Rucker

When people die at 45 while in the middle of an activity that gets the heart pumping faster, we have to ask the question that corporate media ignores and pro-vaccine medical professionals deny. Was it the jabs?

Houston rapper Big Pokey was performing on stage when he suddenly collapsed. He was a bigger man but not so much so that one would expect him to die while on stage. That’s not to say it was definitively the jabs; we’ll never know because they’ll never tell us.

Here’s the report from NY Post:

Legendary Houston rapper Big Pokey died after suddenly collapsing on stage while performing at a bar in the city of Beaumont on Saturday night. He was 45. Dramatic footage from the night of the concert shows Big Pokey gasping into the microphone mid-lyric while rapping at the Pour 09 Bar.

He then falls on his back as shocked audience members looked on. Paramedics rushed to the stage and performed CPR before the rapper was taken to a nearby hospital just after midnight.

Authorities confirmed he died soon after the incident. His cause of death has not yet been released.

Big Pokey — real name Milton Powell — was locally renowned as a foundational member of the Houston rap scene with the group Screw up Click.

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Until the truth is finally acknowledged by corporate media, we will continue to ask the question despite taking heat every time we do.

Here is the video of the incident. Warning: This is very disturbing: