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Days after the 2020 election was stolen, the editorial board at the Washington Examiner posted their first call for conservatives to “move on” and accept the results of the election despite clear evidence that there were abnormalities. Those “abnormalities” turned into mountains of evidence over time, but the same editorial board did not change their tune.

It was then that I realized the “right-leaning” news outlet was no better than many at Fox News or any of the other corporate media shills who support RINOs and Never-Trumpers instead of conservatives or populists. This is important for America First patriots to know because it’s easy to not realize we’re reading McConnellesque propaganda.

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The latest attack on an America First patriot is disguised as a news story that initially looks like it’s painting Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake in a positive light. Titled, “MAGA’s next megastar: Dems reportedly concerned Kari Lake could shatter 2024 dreams,” it drew me in even as I knew they likely weren’t going to be endorsing the staunch conservative candidate. It started off fine, but by paragraph two, it was clear that their labels of her as an “election denier” and an “Ultra-MAGA” candidate were intended as pejoratives. They then proceeded to reinforce this notion by filling the article with quotes and perspectives from Democrats, including Lake’s opponent, Katie Hobbs.

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