“You’re embarrassing the free world and obscuring the coronavirus,” he says to puppet president.

Source: Nworeport

Sky News host Alan Jones mercilessly ridiculed Joe Biden’s flailing performance during his CNN town hall this week.

After first mocking Biden’s false claim that you can’t get COVID after receiving the experimental jab, Jones played a part of Biden’s “incoherent rambling” about “men on the moon” and “aliens.”

“What?! Uhhh uhhhh ohhh…man on the moon, something,” Jones joked, trying to impersonate Biden. “What the hell has this got to do with anything? This is a town hall meeting.”

“The president of the United States at a town hall meeting, and someone doesn’t say ‘get off the stage’? You’re embarrassing the free world and obscuring the coronavirus.”

During the CNN town hall on Wednesday, Biden constantly drifted, bumbled incoherently, and even uttered something about sacrificing and sucking the blood of children.