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When it came to picking his Secretary of Transportation, President Joe Biden picked Pete Buttigieg, a man whose resume included 1) overperforming in a handful of presidential primaries and 2) being the mayor of the 335th-largest city in the United States of America.

This, apparently, qualifies one to lead the way when it comes to the nation’s transportation and infrastructure needs. And if that’s the guy heading the DOT, wait until you see who’s getting picked to be his underlings.

Phil Washington, once the CEO of Denver International Airport, is President Joe Biden’s choice to lead the Federal Aviation Administration — you know, the agency charged with making sure planes get off the ground, stay in the air, and land safely and on time.

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According to Fox News, Washington had initially failed to advance last year after concerns about his limited experience in the aviation industry were put forth. On Wednesday, during his Senate confirmation hearings, we found out why those concerns were well-founded.

GOP North Carolina Sen. Ted Budd, a licensed pilot, had seven questions for Washington that one would expect an FAA administrator to know most of. Instead, he managed to go a solid 0-for-7 in what’s become a viral clip.

The first of these queries regarded what airspace requires an ADS-B transponder. According to Trig Avionics, these devices, are “typically combined with a GPS, to transmit highly accurate positional information to ground controllers and also directly to other aircraft.

“This transmission is known as ADS-B Out and its accuracy is greater than using conventional radar surveillance. This gives air traffic controllers the potential to reduce the required separation distance between aircraft that are ADS-B equipped.”

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