The war on religion meets the war on free speech

Posted BY: Kelen McBreen

A shocking video shows the moment a Christian man was arrested by police officers for simply reading the Bible out loud while standing on a sidewalk near a gay pride event.

The Christian activist, Damon Atkins, was exercising his First Amendment rights at Reading, Pennsylvania’s first-ever “Pride March and Rally” last weekend supported by the city’s Democrat Mayor Eddie Moran.

In the footage, Atkins can be heard telling an officer he’s standing on public property.

The cop agreed, saying, “It is public property” before telling the demonstrator to “Let them [pride attendees] have their day.”

Atkins told the officer he was on public property and that he’d continue preaching.

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As soon as Atkins began speaking about “God,” the police officer walked over and put him in handcuffs.

Atkins told The Lancaster Patriot, “Now in this country, ‘God’ is a derogatory term. That makes me sick to my stomach.”

The tolerant attendees of the pride march clapped with approval as the peaceful street preacher was arrested.

The individual who filmed the encounter told The Lancaster Patriot he had been preaching before Atkins showed up and that the same police officer also told him to stop reading from the Bible.

The man claimed the cop got in his face, “laid hands on” him, and “threatened to arrest” him if he didn’t stop preaching.

The Lancaster Patriot was provided a court document showing Atkins was charged with “Disorderly Conduct Engage in Fighting” and will be in court on June 16th.

Watch the full video below: