Source: Nworeport

A father and daughter duo in Texas last month demonstrated to a school board how masks produce bad air quality not suitable for breathing.

The incident happened on August 24 at a school board in Lago Vista, outside of Austin.

During the demonstration, the father who works in construction brings his daughter and an air quality monitor device up to the front of the board meeting.

The dad says he uses the device at his job to make sure air levels aren’t hazardous and are suitable for working conditions.

“Before you get into that hole you drop this device down that hole, if it alarms ‘not safe’ you cannot go into that spot; if it doesn’t you’re good to go,” the dad explains.

“Once you’re in there every single employee that’s in there has to wear this device and if it ever goes off for any reason everybody immediately drops all their tools whatever they’re doing – they get out.”

He then proceeds to use it to measure his unmasked daughter’s oxygen levels, which are normal.

He then tests it with her wearing a mask, and immediately the monitor begins to beep.

“There you go,” the dad says, before parents at the meeting begin cheering and applauding.

The dad goes on to argue if the air quality is not good for a construction worker, it is definitely not suitable for a child who has to wear a mask at school all day.

Despite pressure from Travis County politicians, who have attempted to defy a ban on mask mandates implemented by Gov. Greg Abbott, the Lago Vista independent school district has not imposed a mandatory mask order on students.