Posted BY: Fred T

Former congressman and CEO of Trump Media & Technology Group Devin Nunes said on Newsmax this week that, without his TRUTH Social app, and of course President Trump, the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk – who says he will “free” the service from woke progressive bondage, could never have happened.

“We support Elon Musk, we support anyone, as President Trump said, getting rid of these same lunatics in charge of some of these platforms. We’re for opening the internet back up, that’s why President Trump created TRUTH Social,” said Nunes.

“I would say this if it wasn’t for TRUTH Social I don’t think you would have ever seen an Elon Musk or somebody like that coming in to buy up Twitter,” he said. “So, we’re creating a movement here.”

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Even though Chris Salcedo didn’t do the best job in the world with that interview, I think Nunes makes an excellent point here. People have demonstrated that they want a return to American freedoms, which is the exact thing that these giant tech companies oppose. They want to lock speech down, and free decision-making and thought altogether, so they can control it. For power, for money, for ideology, and more.

But people, especially Americans, have shown we won’t go quietly into silence.