A liberal store owner attacked a woman with a baseball bat because she didn’t wear a face mask

Source:  Kelen McBreen

A liberal cookie store owner in Eugene, Oregon was filmed attacking a woman with a baseball bat because she wouldn’t wear a face mask.

In August, the shop had a sign out front reading, “Because of the unvaccinated, masks required again. Thank you for your support!” 

The insane footage begins with a couple entering the business and immediately being told they cannot come in because they aren’t wearing masks.

The couple then argue that the store owner is violating federal law by denying them service.

At this point, the cookie store owner tells the pair they’re trespassing and starts to press against the woman instead of calling the police.

The female customer shoves the owner when she steps into her face, causing the mask Nazi to pull a baseball bat out from a cabinet.

Holding the bat in the air, the owner says, “Get out right now. I have the right to use reasonable force once I’ve asked you to leave.”

Once again stepping into the female customer’s face, the owner shouts, “Get out” and shoved her with the tip of the bat.

The ladies can be seen fighting over the bat and the man filming asks someone off-camera to call the police.

At one point, the owner takes a couple of uppercuts to the face as she screams bloody murder.

The couple must have felt they were in the right, as they waited for police to arrive following the incident and were subsequently arrested while the shop owner was taken to the hospital for her injuries.

According to KEZI, “Police said Collin and Hall flagged down officers who were nearby following the assault and provided the video of the incident for officers to review. That’s when officers took them both into custody for third-degree assault. Collin was also charged with third-degree robbery for reportedly walking away with the bat.”

The couple never technically said they wouldn’t leave the store, and the owner could have prevented the physical confrontation by simply calling the police.

The owner defended her actions in an interview with local news, saying, “I was infuriated, I was angry, you know this has really affected our business and you know as a business owner, freedom of speech and I felt it was necessary.”

Infowars does not condone remaining on private property after being told to leave, but this video highlights the violence linked to divisive mask mandates.