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A Michigan town has discovered almost 300 absentee ballots from the 2020 election sitting in a storage unit.

“My biggest concern is why were they in a storage unit?” Thetford Township Supervisor Rachel Stanke said, according to WJRT-TV.

“Why were they never mailed out to the voters for one? There’s got to be a reason why. I don’t think you can forget to mail out 289 ballots to voters,” she said.

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Stanke said none of the ballots were mailed, and although 77.5 percent of the ballots found were marked spoiled — which means new ones were sent — not all were so marked.

“I’m thankful that those people did get to vote, but there is a good amount of people that never got to vote,” Stanke said. “And I believe during that time we were in a pandemic. People didn’t want to come out of their houses. We have disabled people. There’s a reason that they vote absentee.”

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