Posted BY: Alicia Powe

The left-wing anti-war coalition is fed up with Democrat lawmakers.

Rep. Ilhan Omar blasted the “dangerous propagandists” for calling her a “warmonger” during a town hall on Thursday.

“You were supposed to be a progressive Democrat, ‘anti-war’,” a man in the audience jeered during the town hall. “Anti-war! Eighty billion to Ukraine is not anti-war.”

“Ukraine is killing its own citizens… in the Donbas,” the protester scathed.

Omar lashed out at the man, insisting the money Congress has allocated to Ukraine will help “little children.”

“We are helping little children, like me, that have been helped. So, unless, unless — listen. Unless you have not been paying attention to what is happening here there are millions of Ukrainians that have been displaced,” Omar said. “There are piles of bodies that have been found in mass graves.”

The Democrat lawmaker then warned her constituents that only refugees from wartorn countries can tell her “how I get to vote.”

“Unless you are someone like me that has been that child, you do not get to tell me what my votes mean and how I get to vote in supporting people,” the Minnesota congresswoman chided.


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