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If you’ve never heard of Danielle Moodie-Mills — and you haven’t — she’s apparently been an MSNBC commentator and Daily Beast writer this whole time. Who knew? (Nobody. Nobody knew.)

Well, she is VERY mad that Donald Trump’s account access to social media Twitter has been restored. Do you remember Twitter, it’s that thing that when conservatives complained about it libs laughed and said get a life it’s just an app make your own!

Well now it’s suddenly the only way for democracy to exist and having free speech on it will ruin that. So the liberals are FLIPPING THE FLIP OUT.

Here’s an example:

That’s the head of the NAACP losing his mind. He also demanded that advertisers stop advertising on Twitter because he thinks he can do that and get compliance.

Then there’s this guy, who claims to be a journalist and is treated like one:

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